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Vocational Careers provides cutting edge leadership and specialised training (including Safety, Learning and Coaching) for professional and personal development based on Neuroscience research.
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My Brain Solutions Leadership Assessment

Breakthroughs in neuroscience research over the last decade have provided information that can transform the way we live. From mental obstacles such as stress or change, to new and improved methods of learning and storing memory, conventional wisdom is being turned upside down. The implications for this new knowledge are endless.

If you get to know how and why your brain functions the way it does, you will be able to manage it better and improve your overall experiences in life.


A global study of more than 5,500 executives and employees across 27 countries shows that leadership is falling short in many ways, and years of training in the typical leadership programs have not helped. That is because a vital, foundational piece was missing: an understanding of the brain.


Managing a business, organization or government agency in the 21st century is challenging and often fraught with danger. With global complexities on the rise, and constant technological disruption and distraction becoming the norm, executives need guidance. Bringing brain science into the boardroom holds the key to long-term success.


We link leadership development with a brain-based approach that enhances the performance, relationships and health of your organization as a whole.


Build brains to…

  • Think faster and clearer for improved decision-making
  • Generate positivity and increase productivity
  • Motivate others toward shared goals and increased collaboration
  • Create a culture of safety where innovation thrives
  • Successfully promote change as ‘opportunity’
  • Optimize performance and health
  • Master response to stress
  • Increase the ability to stay cool under pressure
  • Communicate more powerfully