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Vocational Careers provides cutting edge leadership and specialised training (including Safety, Learning and Coaching) for professional and personal development based on Neuroscience research.
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NeuroLeadership TREAD workshop


The neuroscience of leadership is fast becoming the most talked about approach to leadership development.


In today’s knowledge economy, it is how you use your brain that provides the competitive edge.





“Neuroscience is where the intellectual action is these days”






“We seem to read about neuroscience everywhere these days”






“The possibilities for neuroscience are almost limitless”

The neuroscience of leadership is fast becoming the most talked about approach to leadership development, providing brain-based, evidence rich strategies for improving leadership of self and others. The neuroscience of leadership is transforming managers into agile leaders of change and performance and giving individuals and organisations the competitive edge.  In today’s knowledge economy, it is how you use your brain that provides the competitive edge


The new field of Neuroscience of leadership explains how we all can increase our critical thinking skills and even intelligence. The recent discovery of the on-going “re-wiring” or malleability of the brain has caused us to question traditional learning methods. Recent breakthrough studies have proven that specialist coaching exercises can enable a person (in a relatively short time) to change their brain’s physical structure, alter their mind’s perceptual experiences and effect lasting changes in behaviour, expectations and choices.


Vocational Careers is one of the first organisations worldwide accredited to deliver T.R.E.A.D. and will be providing this cutting edge Leadership Development Training for our existing and new clients in 2016. By participating in this training you will gain a robust understanding of the brain, and through this, the ability to leverage leadership interactions in entirely new and effective ways.


More than 3000 leaders from some of Australia’s most well known organisations have been trained in T.R.E.A.D. or aspects of it in the past two years.  Developed by Kristen Hansen from EnHansen Performance, T.R.E.A.D. is a framework that puts science at the forefront of Leadership Development and is ‘Transforming Managers into agile leaders of change and performance’.



Neuroleadership T.R.E.A.D provides a unique structured training program designed to facilitate improved leadership performance, understanding and behaviours based on the latest findings in the field of Neuroscience.  Neuroleadership T.R.E.A.D represents the five areas that allow leaders to improve performance of self and others. T.R.E.A.D: Think, Regulate, Engage, Adapt and Develop with the brain in mind.


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THINK: understand the decision making process and the innovative brain for empowering thinking strategies:

  • Understand the anatomy of thinking, cognitive capacity, influences, the limitations of and ability to renew our thinking capacity
  • Understand the brain’s overarching principle of safety and it impact on all aspects of our lives
  • Leaders will learn how to think more clearly, understand the impacts of multi-tasking, and gain an ability to have more ‘insights’ and develop creative solutions to complex challenges
  • Leaders will understand the link between our emotions and thinking capabilities

REGULATE and RENEW: regulate emotions, manage stress and renew your mental capacity for peak performance:

  • Regulate emotions and manage stress more effectively
  • Understand the impact of mental, physical and social strategies to regulate emotions and improve thinking when in stressful, overloaded or negative situations
  • Understand how mindfulness improves thinking, emotion regulation and increases the functionality and flexibility in thinking.  Learn simple, quick and effective mindfulness techniques that can be done anywhere and anytime
  • Learn how to use ‘brain breaks’ to renew cognitive capacity and creative thinking

ENGAGE: Tailor your leadership and motivate others by understand the strong social brain drivers:

  • Understand the social brain and why it is so important and relevant
  • Understand the social motivators in the brain and those most likely to send us into ‘threat’ and ‘reward’ states
  • Leaders will learn more about their own social motivators and how they differ from others
  • Leaders will learn how to adapt their communication and leadership style to influence and collaborate with others more effectively
  • Leaders will understand the neural basis of emotion contagion: how their mood and emotions impact others and how to create a strong, positive and productive leadership culture

ADAPT: Strategies to create and sustain change and improvements in self and others, individually and organisationally:

  • Why change is so challenging and understand our brain is wired for change
  • Understand processes to facilitate changes in your thinking, emotions and behaviours
  • Understand habit formation and how to create new healthier and more productive habits and better choices
  • Understand the brains ‘challenge’ with change and how to overcome this
  • How to assist others to accept and embrace change

DEVELOP: Develop yourself and others through brain-based coaching and feedback models:

  • Develop focused awareness and understanding on the neuroscience of brain-based coaching models
  • Understand why coaching is so effective in helping others to change and how it can be even more effective
  • How to set and achieve goals using the full capability of the brain (left and right hemispheres)
  • Learn how to enhance people’s thinking so they are able to solve problems using their conscious and non-conscious ability
  • Learn how to provide feedback that is non-threatening and more empowering

In this interactive, informative and engaging training participants will work through:

  • Five neuro-inspired modules (Think, Regulate, Engage, Adapt and Develop with the brain in mind) 
  • 20 leadership enhancing topics (Decision making, Problem solving, Insight and creativity, Prioritising, Multitasking, Stress management, Emotion management, Resilience building, Mindfulness, Positive leadership, Inspirational leadership, Social motivators, Emotion contagion, Leading change, Conditions for change, Neuroplasticity, Embedding new habits, Effective performance improvement, brain-based coaching and whole brain goal setting) 
  • Resulting in 10 leadership outcomes (Effective, Insightful, Resilient, Calm Under Pressure, Motivating, Inspiring, Adaptable, Change Agent, Developing, Performance Enhancing) 

What makes neuroleadership so innovative is that it provides solutions for professionals based on science to improve performance, manage diversity and facilitate better learning.  Globalization, the technological revolution and constant disruptive change is continuously transforming the world in which we live and work, posing new and unique challenges to leaders at all levels and in all spheres. What was still effective just a few years ago no longer works and leaders everywhere struggle to simultaneously keep an eye on the vision and acquire the people skills to develop and facilitate engagement, collaboration and creativity.

In the midst of these tremendous challenges neuroscience has recently opened up new doors and possibilities by providing astounding new insight into the workings of the human brain, specifically in social situations. Neuroleadership is an emerging field, which blends the latest neuroscientific knowledge into the fields of leadership development, management training, diversity management, change management, education, consulting and coaching.

It is important to understand five basic principles about how the human brain works:

  1. The brain’s primary function is to keep us alive.
  2. It does so by regulating physiological functions and scanning the environment for possible threats and rewards.
  3. The brain uses the same automated neural networks and processes to deal with physical threats (e.g. a predator) and rewards (e.g. food); and with social threats (e.g. humiliation) and rewards (e.g. praise).
  4. When a threat-response is activated it impairs performance while a reward-response improves performance.
  5. Leadership behaviour plays a major role in activating either threat or reward responses in the workplace which has a direct impact on productivity and results.

Outcomes of Brain-Focused Leadership

Applying the principles of neuroleadership enable leaders and managers to improve their capacity for:

  • Performance-enhancing Leadership;
  • Decision Making and Problem Solving;
  • Creative Thinking;
  • Collaboration;
  • Fostering Engagement and Motivation;
  • Facilitating Change;
  • Dealing with Diversity;
  • Dealing with Stress and Adversity; and
  • Managing Conflict.

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