Vocational Careers | Brain Based Leadership Assessment
Vocational Careers provides cutting edge leadership and specialised training (including Safety, Learning and Coaching) for professional and personal development based on Neuroscience research.
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Brain Based Leadership Assessment

Vocational Careers offers the only brain based leadership assessment instrument available today.


New insights from neuroscience are expanding our knowledge of both how our brain works and its subsequent impact on our behaviour. The MBSLA program seeks to provide leaders with increasing understanding of how their brain functions, how they can change and improve their brain health and so facilitate positive change in their leadership behaviour.


The MBSLA program is unique in allowing leaders the opportunity to directly assess, target and improve the conscious and non-conscious brain functions crucial to maximising their performance. The MBSLA is unique in using validated assessment methods that allow direct, objective measures of brain function that are not influenced by subjective bias as other psychometric assessments may be.


MyBrainSolutions training protocols draw on various disciplines involved in advancing brain health and wellbeing, including neuroscience and psychology. For example, leaders are constantly bombarded with messages through processes such as 360º feedback about which behaviours they need to improve. However if, through our assessment, we see this individual is low in the brain capacity that underlies this behaviour, we now have the ability to take advantage of the brain’s neuroplasticity and train this capacity to improve the behaviour in that targeted area. Each training exercise is specifically designed to target and develop a particular capacity and strengthen the neural pathways in that area of the brain.