Vocational Careers | Personal and Professional Development
Vocational Careers provides cutting edge leadership and specialised training (including Safety, Learning and Coaching) for professional and personal development based on Neuroscience research.
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Personal and Professional Development

High-performing organisations achieve success through developing motivated, engaged employees who know the value of their work and how it contributes to organisational success.


Our training is based on the latest findings in Neuroscience and is tailored to meet the needs of the organisation.  This training forms the bedrock on which other learning and development education can be scaffolded and customised with respect to the nature and type of industry in which the organisation operates.


We believe that by valuing and respecting the professionalism, contributions and aspirations of each employee, organisations will be able to promote and maintain a motivated, dedicated and productive workforce.


Through providing professional and personal development opportunities for employees this assists an organisation to create positive, supportive workplaces where the employees feel motivated, are committed to the goals of the team and the organisation, and find innovative ways to deliver high-quality services.


At Vocational Careers we are committed to:


  • Creating a dynamic culture of performance development to build an innovative and creative workforce
  • Providing timely, consistent, contextualised and phased training for employees, and for those appointed to new positions either through transfer or promotion
  • Fostering an environment where employees have regular, quality, focused conversations about expectations of them at work, their performance, capability development, career aspirations and goals
  • Supporting employees to undertake professional development that builds their capabilities, enabling them to perform at their best and grow in that role, or move on to other rewarding work roles
  • Encouraging employees at all levels to adopt leadership behaviours
  • Recognising individual contributions to work achievements

Embedding a reflective and supportive culture that prioritises continuous improvement in workforce capability and service delivery.